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Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld - The Intelligence Summit: Intelligence News ...
Speaker's Photo Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld's new book Funding Evil; How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It, Bonus Books, 2003, 2005). She is the director of .

Clare M. Lopez - The Intelligence Summit: Intelligence News and ...
Speakers & Organizers . Dr. Richard Benkin · Prof. Louis Rene Beres . Dr. Andrew M. Colarik . Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld . Laura Mansfield . Dr Paul Williams .

Dr. Paul Kengor - Young America's Foundation
Conservative Speaker List, Andrea Tantaros, Ann Coulter, Ann McElhinney, Anne . Frank Donatelli, George Allen, Harvey Mansfield, Herman Cain, Humberto Fontova . Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College, .

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  • USB cable (supplied)
  • 2012 Cadwalader Energy & Commodities Conference
    In addition, recently added speaker Dr. Samuel A. Newell, Principal of the Brattle . Anthony Mansfield, Paul Pantano, Jr., Jeffrey Robins and Lary Stromfeld.

  • Sony DV camera software (supplied)
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Nonie Darwish - The Intelligence Summit: Intelligence News and ...
Douglas Adams Dr. Richard Benkin . Bill Cowan · Dr. Andrew M. Colarik . Laura Mansfield . Dr Paul Williams . She is a writer, translator and public speaker.

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